Julio Bogoricin Real Estate
Purchase and sale of new or used, ready property or in construction. Gratuitous evaluation, analysis of value and other services.
Julio Bogoricin Estate Management

Property for location and evaluation. It consults ours classified and other On-Line services.

News and Enterviews
Know our section of exclusive interviews, clipping daily of notice of the real estate market and events of the Group Julio Bogoricin.
Classifieds Adds
Ours classified possess innumerable offers that can be adapted to its necessity. It confers our announcements.
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The Group Julio Bogoricin stimulates this idea

know the work of the ProCardiac Child

know the work of the Action and Citizenship against the hunger and misery, for the life.


International Real Estate

International attendance to the natural person, legal and groups in Brazil. Offers in the exterior.

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